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This is where I will be posting all the information that used to be housed on the AES teacher site. Our semester syllabus, photo equipment responsibility agreement, links and more. Link to the Photography Syllabus here.

Responsible Use Form

What are your most useful tools in Photoshop?

Photographers use the Rule of Thirds to compose more interesting pictures.

Great Digital Photography Information So you are bored of video games, facebook or instagram do not beckon any more, and your phone has not buzzed with a new text message in hours… why not explore this link to learn an amazing amount beyond the basics of digital photography. ¬†Shooting in fully manual mode will be much easier if you read the sections for Exposure Control to using Shutter Speed and Aperture together.

Hi All, this is a great example of an MS Photography Portfolio Sample, Meeting the Standard for photo. Notice how the student improves what they do with their photos and how they respond to the work in their reflections as the semester progresses. a Step by step improvement across the semester. A great job.

Here is a sample description for an Assignment.

Here is a link to our visual presentation on Shooting Assignments. I don’t always follow this exact script, but you can also learn from just looking at what the photographers were doing in their work and how they employed different aspects of photography! Think about Framing, Focus, Composition, different Elements, and the Light Quality (Value) in each shot.

Are you looking to buy new or used camera equipment? Here are a couple of links you might like to check out. Buying a new camera and want to compare the stats? Try the DP Review. How about a used camera or lens? B and H Camera online.

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