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This is the site for the Ceramics course in Middle School. Our students will be linked on a gallery page for our Ceramics classes in the not too distant future. Be sure to take a look at our Ceramics Course Syllabus here.

Need to get in touch? Try, mcitrino@aes.ac.in

Want to see what Meeting, Approaching, and Beginning look like? Try this Presentation. There are a few pieces that extend the standard!

Here is a Great Sample Description.

For each project series you will write a final reflection. Take a look at The Reflection Questions to Guide Your Thinking

Here is a sample of a great student reflection

This exemplar portfolio is a wonderful example of a student who kept pace with posting photos and reflections of every assignment and thoughtful, insightful reflective writing.

This is a great sample of a student planning drawing that shows the process of gathering ideas in Thumbnail drawings and the final drawing of what the student intended to make.

Check out this video on centering

Here’s another great centering video.

Throw a cylinder

How about a link to great Self Design Coil Pots?

How about some ideas other kids have generated for Self Design Soft Slab pieces?

Double Pinch Pot Video!

Here is a sampling of what our students were working on in their first and second projects last year. After each new technique, I ask kids to use the technique to self design a new piece that challenges them to try something a bit more of a stretch with the technique. This will help solidify their new knowledge and asks them to engage their own creativity. A great example of how this moves kids towards their own artistic horizon can be seen if you scroll down to take a look at Jakob’s swan. Nice effort for a second piece, don’t you agree?


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