6th Grade Art Exploratory Galleries

Here is a Sample gallery from one Exploratory projects. You can also see some sample blog posting for Exploratory. Enjoy!

My Amazing Presentation

Nikhita Chakravarthy
Tereza Staskova
Lovisa Johansson
Oliver Wright
Ido Turgeman
Marcus Shrestha
Andreas Homme
Niraj Shah
Diya Razdan
Arye Bhide
Thomas Williams
Sean Joaquim Coudray
William Granelli
Anja Raj
Young Seo Kim
Haejin Lee
Zack Emmert
Myoung Jee Oh
Sae Nuel Park

Underglaze Plate Gallery from 2010-2011 School Year

2 Responses to 6th Grade Art Exploratory Galleries

  1. Manav Saxena says:

    Wow Mr.C I found these plate designs very interesting especially the Abstract ones.

    • mcitrino says:

      Thanks for the comments Manav. I am already posting more galleries so be sure to check in and see what our young artists are up to!

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