6th Grade Art Exploratory

For 6th graders and their parents, you may be interested to see the Exploratory Syllabus. The sampling of what happens in art electives is about 6 weeks long or approximately 15 classes together. Take a look and the course Syllabus here

We will be exploring the Elements and Principals  of Design in our short time together since they are the building blocks all artists consider when creating their work! Look at The Elements and Principals of Design here

This is what it looks like when you meet the standard.

Great practice video for the proportions of the Head!

You can also see some of the work that is being done by our 6th grade Art Exploratory classes. New galleries are added as we finish projects so check back! Remember to share the galleries with family and friends.
Color Project Gallery

Here is a great sample of the work of Henri Matisse. We will be creating our on Paper Cutouts. To see more samples, go here: Matisse Paper Cutouts on Google Images
Read a bit about who
Matisse is

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