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So you are curious about the Team 7 Advisory Program?

Hello and Welcome,

Each of the page links above will take you to the starting point for the classes I teach and some archives I want to keep open for your viewing pleasure. All the pertinent information for each class will be posted here also such as the class syllabus and exemplars and benchmark portfolios to help students understand where they are in their learning journey. You will find the galleries of our students’ work and as they update their portfolios, these will be automatically updated here also. Make sure to share those links with family and friends around the world who might want to see your son or daughters artwork. Remember to check back often to watch their progress. Feel free to add comments also as there is no motivator like real world feedback! Feel free to email me with comments or questions! mcitrino@aes.ac.in To find out a little more about me check this link.

Mr. Citrino

Photo class out on campus and shooting! (Well at least posing)

Photo class out on campus and shooting! (Well at least posing)

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